Introducing a new breed of distilleries, where tradition and technology collide.

About Tower Hill Road and its distillery...

The year is 1926, and Pierre F. Houpert had started producing moonshine in his barn with an old copper still he bought from a succession, along with furniture and other treasures that an antiquarian seeks. He has large quantities of sugar delivered to his home and people start noticing... Of course this is happening in Connecticut, right in the middle of the US prohibition!

Fortunately the story ends without jail time. This house, standing on Tower Hill Road, is where we spent our summer vacations as Pierre was our great uncle. Almost one hundred years later, the Tower Hill Road distillery is at it again; another small operation but this time very legitimate!

The new distillery innovates through the use of computer-assisted technology at every step of the production. This enables us to make products of unsurpassed quality while being energy efficient and eco-friendly.


We are the makers of Houpert & Frere vodka the double gold award winner of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016.

Contact Info

1 Place Ville-Marie, suite 4000
Montreal (Quebec) CANADA
H3B 4M4
+1 514 312 3125